DVD rebuilder output folder too large to burn problem


I’ve backed up a DVD using DVD Rebuilder. However the resultant file on the HD is over 5GB. Presumably I’m doing something wrong. How do I get the folder small enough to burn on to a DVD5?

Did you choose Settings > Standard Target Size (DVD-5)?

Aha! I believe you may have the answer Holmes. :flower:

Thanks mate.

It turns out that’s not the problem after all. DVD RB still gives me a VIDEO_TS folder around 5GB - i.e too large for a single DVDR. I thought the whole point was to shrink the DVD so it could fit on a single disc?

Please help!

Post a message over on Doom9’s DVD RB Forum and JDobbs will likely respond. He’s going to want quite a bit more information, I’m sure. In your post specify the title, region, how it was ripped(anydvd, DVD Fab, etc), and any other useful information you can provide that’ll help him figure out the problem. Hopefully this will get you the help you need.

Did you use OPV or 2 pass? OPV can oftentimes give poor sizing results (although 5Gb seems very high).


What do those settings mean and how do I change them?

BTW just tried again and got 6 GB!. I think the disc (Farscape disc 1.5) is dual -layer, does that matter?

I tried the Doom 9 Forum but most of the posts there seem very complicated - am I right in thinking that this application is not meant for a noob like me?

What kind of audio tracks did you opt to keep when making your back up?