DVD Rebuilder - Newbie questions

I purchased DVD Rebuilder Pro yesterday and need some assistance with all DVD-RB settings and the use of supporting software.

I want to burn an exact copy of the original and do not want to delete any extras, etc. I want the copy to be as close to the original as possible.

  1. What are the correct DVD-RB settings to use?

  2. I’m using a free trial of CCE. Should I purchase CCE for $58.00 or is there something better (I don’t mind paying ~ but not too much!).

  3. I read somewhere else in this forum that DVD Decrypter is no longer being updated. Which decrypter should I use?

  4. What is the best way (program) to burn the DVD after DVD-RB has done its work?

Any help/suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated.



No real need for CCE with DVDRebuilder. The HC encoder that is included is very good quality, and some would say better than the two main commercial encoders that can be used with DVDReBuilder. It isn’t as fast as CCE though.

DVDFab HD Decrypter is free to use, and will continue to work even after the 30 day trial for the main section of DVDFab expires. It is still being updated.

ImgBurn is a free program that many of us use for burning video. You should look through the guides at their forum. www.imgburn.com

@ soonergirl99,
FYI, in DVDRB, you can set IMGburn to burn… go to ‘MODE’ and tick,
'IMGBurn Directly to Disc(No ISO)…
Course you do need IMGBurn installed…:slight_smile: