DVD Rebuilder Encoder Errors

Please bare with me as this is my first post on a forum. Usually I can find fixes for problems pretty readily but so far I have had major trouble finding out how to work around my problem.

I am currently using DVD Rebuilder to copy some dvd’s. I have been having issues during the encoding phase in which the “this program has encountered an error and must be terminated” screen will appear for the encoder. This happens whether I am reading from the hard drive or the dvd drive and occurs seemingly at random. Both the CCE SP and HC encoders give me the same error. I have the latest DVD Rebuilder Pro, CCE and HC encoders. If anyone can give me any incite would be much appreciated. I’ll provide more info if requested. Thanks.


What exactly is the error? Have you chosen where the folders are for the Source, Destination and Work path?

In future try to give as much info in the first post instead of giving it when you are asked for it. It helps us to help you ;).

Yea, I had the source/temp/destination folders set just fine. As for what error pops up, that’s kinda the problem. No error window pops up, just the “send error report” window. Sure has me stumped. I even tried out Procoder 2 and Quenc and all gave the same result. Are there any secondary programs and/or files that those encoders use that could be causing the problem?

If the dvd has any copy protection including normal css encrytion, there is NO way you can get RB to work by reading the dvd directly.

Sounds like to me your not ripping the dvd to HD while removing all protection. I’d suggest ripping with RipIt4Me or with DVD Decrypter with latest Anydvd running in the background.