DVD Rebuilder+CCE Method. Few Questions

Ok, I have read the guides, searched and read posts, and I will be attempting my first copy using DVD Rebuilder & CCE tonight. I still have some questions about some things I was not able to find anything about.

Rebuilder Questions:
–>I am using the CCE Encoder BTW.
-If I check the option to “remove all DTS” in DVD Rebuilder, will that only remove the DTS stuff, and leave the 5.1 Dolby Digital? Or will it leave me with 2 channel audio only?
-In different posts that I have read, I see that different people have run different numbers of “passes.” How many do you recommend?
-What about “1 Pass VBR w/analysis”? Does anyone use that option? I see that it can’t guarantee file size IF that option is checked. I’m just wondering if anyone uses it.
-The “AudioDub(BlankClip” option is supposed to be a “fix” for people running AMD processors. I DO NOT have an AMD Proc., but the option IS checked. Should I “uncheck” it?
-And my final question is can you give me a “ballpark” of how long the encode process will take? More than 3 hours? My system specs. are below:
P4 3.0ghz, 1gig Ram, WD Raptor HDD, and my drives are in my sig.

I am going basically using the Doom9 Guide word for word . Are there any tips you could give me or are there any little “options” I should make sure are “set” a certain way?

Sorry for all the questions. If anyone can help me out with this, I would really appreciate it:bow:.


1.It will only remove dts. 5.1 and 2 ch will be left.
2.the defualt is 2, I do three passes, anything more won’t make a difference.
3.I don’t use that option and don’t intend to.
4.It won’t affect u at all but to make sure nothing goes wrong uncheck it.
5.It depends on the movie and the number of passes u take to calculate how long it will take. I have similar system and I guess 5-8 hours. (run it over night)

I used doom9’s guide for my first run and it was perfect. I don’t think u should change anything.

Great. Thanks for the info. nooby god. For some reason I figured you would be the one who replied:bigsmile: I’ve seen this method in your sig for a while now.

BTW, on your answer to (1), do you mean it will remove DTS., 5.1 & 2 Channel will be left. Or did you mean: it will remove DTS 5.1, and only 2 channel will be left?


Maybe it’s because I’m using CCE 2.67 as opposed to your 2.50, but 3 passes takes my 2.8 P4 only about 2-3 hours. 5-8 hours would be more like 6-7 passes.

What about “MPEG2Source”? Do I enable that? The guide explains what it is, but it doesn’t say whether or not to enable it.
They say it:

So should I enable it? Thanks

Ticking the Remove DTS does exacty what it says, it removes DTS. Dolby is NOT dts, so is not removed, be it 1 ch, 2ch, 5.1ch or whatever.

I use the “1 Pass VBR w/analysis” option all the time. Only once have I had a conversion go over sized (was 4.38gb) so just used Shrink to drop it back to 4.36gb.

Encoding times, I have an AMD 3200+ and use CCE 2.50 (2.67 is a lot slower). Using 1 Pass VBR w/analysis I encode fiully a 1hr 30min movie in 1hr 15min, sometimes a bit quicker, sometimes a bit slower. I used batch mode the other night encoding 4 movies, took 6hr 5 min and 2 of them were 2hr movies. All 4 had very few Extras on the dvd, that also helps.

Leave all the other settings on default settings and you wont have a problem.

Well I went ahead and started it before your post Chickenman. I forgot to set it to 3 passes, and I DID put a check by the “MPEG2Source” option. I figured since the guide went to the trouble to have me copy that MPEGxxx.dll file, that I should check that option. Is that wrong? I also didn’t do the 1 Pass VBR w/analysis. Will I get better or worse quality from NOT using the 1 Pass VBR w/Analysis? Should I always use that in the future? I am using 2.67, so I guess from what you said, that it is a lot slower. Would you recommend me using the 2.50 instead? This is all new ground for me, so thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.

Chickenman can you please tell me which between DVD-RB and DVD2SVCD with D2SRoBa you prefer for main movie only in regards to speed and quality? I have CCE SP 2.50 also - I tried 2.69 Basic and 2.67 SP with erratic final file size results. Also would I notice any difference between older 2.50 SP and newer 2.69 Basic? Thank you for your help.

From my experience I would recommend always to use cce 2.50, it is substantially quicker than later versions and has no decernable difference in pic quality. Using the “1 pass VBR w/analysis” option, that gives a quality conversion compared to a normal 4-5 VBR pass, results are impressive indead. It does hoeever sometimes need to do a 2nd pass, but 90% of the time it gets it right and just does the 1 pass.

The “MPEG2Source” option, will if its ticked and working than leave it, not a problem really.

@KiwiKid, as I said abouve there is no percievable difference in pic quality between 2.50 ot 2.67 or 2.69 Basic, its just the 2.50 is substantially quicker. As for over all conversion speed to convert main movie only, I’m finding if I reauthor the main movie only with NO COMPRESSION using DVD Shrink, then run that through RB with “1 pass VBR w/analysis” option on, then thats about 2/3 to 3/4 the speed of ripping with DVD Decrypter and using DVD2SVCD using the D2SRoBa option. I also have better/simpler control over Audio and Subtitles streams as well. DVD2SVCD is able to predict the final file size more accurately with 90% of them 4.30gb with the other 10% varying between 4.28 and 4.33gb. With RB I tend to get anywhere between 4.19 and 4.38gb with about 4.25gb as average.

Ok, I just came back to my computer, and I guess it’s done. In my “working folder” I have a “AUDIO_TS”, “D2VAVS”, and “VIDEO_TS” folders. The size of ALL 3 of those folders together is 13.5GB. The size of ONLY the “VIDEO_TS” folder is 7.73GB. And the “AUDIO_TS” folder is COMPLETELY empty??? Aren’t those sizes a little large, and shouldn’t there be data in the “AUDIO_TS” folder?? The Doom9 guide stops here, and I’m sort of lost. And what is the correct layout for burning the DVD(what folders and files do I burn)?

CLICK–> HERE is a screenshot of DVD Rebuilder when it was finished.

Thanks for your help.

The AUDIO_TS folder will ALWAYS be empyt, thats for DVD-Audio disks, not DVD-Video disks. The D2VAVS folder is RB’s working folder and the VIDEO_TS should contain the condensed dvd with a max size of 4.37gb. You would normally just burn the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folder out to DVDR using Nero 6.3.x or whatever.

Obviously RB doesnt like the DVD your trying to reencode as 7.73gb is way to big for a dvdr. I read at doom9 forum that someone else had the exact same thing happen to them. http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=80736

I also not in the attached pic that you have kept all audio tracks, I would suggest you remove as many as possible or pic quality will be degrated somewhat.

The movie I’m backing up is Spiderman. What do you suggest I do? Have you ever backed up Spiderman using this method? It doesn’t suprise me that I picked a movie to use for my first time that would have problems.

No I havent done Spidermna. Are you able to try another DVD to see if the prob is the DVD or your installation.

Ok, I’m triying again with a different dvd and I am also using CCE 2.50 this time. However, for some reason I am getting an error that says: “run time error=53” “File not Found”. I’ve checked everything over, and I can’t find anything wrong. The error is popping up at the end of the “preparing” part.

Check that your EclCCE is pointing to the 2.50 cce executable and that RB is pointing to the eclcce.exe in the CCE 2.50 line. You also need to tell RB which version of CCE your using.

As chicken man said audio_ts will be empty. Your problem is wierd though. Can u tell us EXACTLY what u did before u wane to rebuilder and what settings u had. Can u also show us your rebuilder.inf file?

sorry for responding so late, I was having a nice looong nap

Nooby God, I had all the settings set EXACTLY like the guide said to. But I have found out that others are having this strange problem with various movies when using 2.67 with DVD-RB. I have since setup everything to use CCE 2.50, and it worked! Also, it only took about 2 hours “ballpark” for it to get done. I will time my next one a little more closely. I used the “1 pass VBR w/analysis” option, but I had my “VBR_Passes” set at “2”. <-- would having that set at 2 take care of what you said Chickenman?(see quote below)

So anyway, now I’m at the point where I have 3 directories in my working directory. I have never burned a DVD like this, so could you all tell me what folders need to be on the DVD, etc…? I have read that Nero is probably what I want to use to put this to DVD, is there some certain settins I should use? Up to this point the only way I have backed up dvds is by CloneDVD. Thanks for your help!

BTW, Chickenman the reason I was having a problem after switching back to 2.50, was because I had DVD Rebuilder pointing to CCE’s .EXE file, and not to EclCCE.exe. As soon as I switched that, it worked great.

Run Nero 6.3.x and select DVD-Video as the type, drag your new ly made VIDEO_TS folder to Neros VIDEO_TS folder, then click burn. Give a Title if you wish.

Ok. Did you see in my post where I asked about the “VBR_Passes”? With that set at “2”, will it take care of what you said?

In terms of quality, I used the following settings:
-CCE SP 2.50
-One Pass VBR (w/analysis)
-“VBR Bias=10” “Quality Prec=24” “VBR Passes=2”
-AVS Options I had a check next to: “ConvertToYU2” & “MPEG2Source”
-Dynamically Assign Cell Bitrates

Am I getting basically the best quality with those settings? Or does using “1 pass VBR w/analysis” reduce the quality? I’m also wondering about the “MPEG2Source” option. I put a check next to it, so does it help or reduce quality?

Yep, sorry, missed that, it was late :D. As its names says, its for VBR_Passes so when “1 Pass VBR w/analysis” is selected, that number is ignored. It will only do the 1 pass regardless of what you put in there. All your other setting look just fine.