DVD Rebuilder / CCE > DVD-5?

Ok my very first Q in this forum-sorry for the length, I appreciate your help…oh hello everyone by the way-I am Rog from San Jose…that rhymes :iagree:

I want to back up “The Sound of Music” without the extras onto DVD-5 for DVD rebuilder w/CCE Basic…I reauthor with DVDshrink, toss the extras, encode in file format with the video_ts/audio_ts folder option disabled, and then transcode with DVD-RB.

  1. Does this make sense to first “encode” with DVDshrink and then “transcode” with DVD-RB? It seems like the DVDshrink encoding process would be the weak link in the chain for a high-quality burn…

  2. After I successfully transcode the HUGE file with DVD-RB, I get an output file that is still huge!!! I thought it was supposed to compress the image to DVD-5 size. Am I missing something? I can’t find it in any tutorial…

Thanks for reading the long post,

first of all with dvd shrink did u “encode” the edited movie at no compression? Second of all who’s guide did u use? I would suggest doom9’s guide. :bow: :bow: go to his site and look under guides–>dvd/minidvd—>dvd backup–> dvd rb w/cce.
It helped me the first time i used dvd rebuilder.
finally how big is ure audio_ts and viseo_ts files? You have to remember in the path that was specified all the working files are there. go check out how big the audio_ts and video_ts files are.

Yep, encoded on dvdshrink with no compression, used afterdawn tutorial: http://www.afterdawn.com/guides/archive/dvd_rebuilder_tutorial.cfm

…video_ts folder is only (4,575,121,408 bytes)!!! I didn’t think of checking that (uhhh-doyyyy)…It must have been that the working path folder with the audio_ts and video_ts files ALSO included the D2VAVS file (3,927,683,072 bytes)!!..It must have been “taken along for the ride” when I used imgtool on the working path folder…will move the D2VAVS out of the folder and re-imgtool it…

…Yep! It worked like a charm!! Do you have to move the D2VAVS file out of the working path folder every time like I just had to?

By the way…your little color blurb on the bottom says: High quality and slow: DVD shrink–>DVD Rebuider with CCE 2.50–> Nero …Can you burn the output from DVDRB directly with Nero, or do you have to use imgtool? Also, how do you set Rebuilder to read ISO format from shrink, instead of the file format from shrink?


The hills are aliiiive…with the sound of DVD Rebuilder CCE-encoded MPG2222s!

the output from dvd rebuilder can be burned with nero, and i think for dvd rebuilder to read iso u need to mount it on a virual drive and then select the video_ts folder in dvdrb. It is alot faster for dvdrb to read from file format though.