DVD Rebuilder backups

Is it possible to compress a DVD to 50% of its original size with DVD Rebuilder.
I want to fit two movies on one DVD.

You can change the final output size RB encodes to by:

"All optional settings MUST be placed in the ā€˜[Options]ā€™ section of the .ini file, otherwise they will be ignored. Any settings changed here will not be activated until the next time you run DVD-RB.

* Target Output Size

  TargetSectors= nnnn

  Use Sectors, 1 sector = 2Kb.
  Example: CCETargetSectors=2236400

  As a reference the default for DVD-RB is 2236400 sectors and the maximum for a DVD-5 is 2297888. You should always leave a some room for error.

  TargetSectors will be the default for all methods. Other, mode specific, target sector settings will override it when using that mode.

I would only attemp this if doing main movie only. Iā€™d use Shrink to rip out the Main movie only with no-compression turned on. Then use RB.