Dvd Rebuilder and HC Encoder Problem



Hi All,
I am having a problem with dvd rebuilder pro. More specifically HC encoder. When i reencode my dvds i end up with no picture and nothing but bands of diagnal colors as the movie, however the sound is just fine. I have tried several different dvds and i always get the same results.
CCE basic works great and quencc also works. I am not having a problem with either of these. So i dont believe its the way that i am ripping the dvd. I use anydvds ripping option. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Does anyone have any ideas? I need HC encoder because i do alot of animated movies, and from the forums that i have read HC does a little bit better job on animates than cce. By the way the HC part has never worked. Thanks in advance.


have you made sure its in the right format? (pal or ntsc)


Its ntsc


I checked one more time just to make sure and yes it is NTSC. I checked my back up one more time to try and give a more accurate picture of what it looks like. It looks like spin art, with diagnal gree, blue, white, and red lines.


I would visit the doom9 forum and see if JDobbs has any idea what’s going on. There is a DVD-RB forum over there where JDobbs regularly visits. Good luck!


Thanks for the help - I’ll try it