DVd Rebuilder and DVd Shrink?

Just wanted to ask what the main differences are between these 2 programs and if one application had to be used instead of another.

Being a Noob, I thought that I should ask this question.

I use Any Dvd which updates regularly as my decrypter for my backups and it works fine.

The other programs I use is Nero along with Dvd Shrink and then 1 Click Dvd Copy along with Any Dvd when I do a simple copy to copy that does not contain a lot of data.

I hope to hear from members as I am trying to become a more informed Noob.

Regards :bow:

DVDShrink is a compressed domain transcoder, DVDRebuilder uses MPEG encoder(s), to re-encode the video, except in Rejig mode. BTW, Rejig is also quite a good transcoder. So what does that mean? At modest compression, you’ll probably have a hard time discerning any difference. Take a long movie however, and it’s worth the extra time it takes to run it through DVDRebuilder. So at what point does it pay to re-encode rather than transcode? That question gets asked a lot, try a search, or better yet, experiment and decide for yourself. :wink:

DvD Rebuilder is best used with CCE SP encoder. . .takes lotz longer because CCE SP re-encodes, while trancoders like DvD Shrink and 1 Click Copy DvD only shrink a DvD.
guide to Rebuilder @ http://www.doom9.org/mpg/dvdrb.htm

I really like the way that members respond to questions by Noobs like myself. It is straight forward and I get ideas of where to do more reading and I really appreciate that.

Cheers :bigsmile: with many thankyous!!!