Dvd reauthor to psp



ok well with the newest firmware for the psp you can play movies in full aspect ratio. so far the best convertor for this is Xilsofts 3gp i hear.

what im trying to do is take a DVD and reauthor it as to only get the movie and import it into xilsoft. but xilsoft doesnt support DVD video files.

how do i reauthor/save a dvd to xilsoft supported format so i can import?

Supported formats


Hmmm… I wonder where you read that.

What’s the encodings that the PSP will play, and what file format? Perhaps XviD/DivX in an .avi file?

By full aspect do you mean 16:9, 2.35:1 etc, and what is the film? Please see here for an explanation of the possible A/R types: