DVD reading/writing problems

I have a Lite-On LDW 411S and for a few months now it is unable to detect any sort of DVD, when I put in the DVD and open the drive folder it doesnt detect the disc size and when I try putting data into that folder it comes up with an error saying windows is unable to copy. Also when using Nero to make a VCD it takes forever to encode, is that normal or not?

What speed and brand of discs are you using? 8x discs may work with your drive but I doubt 16x will work. You should try using the rated speed discs for your drive which is 4x. When you say “it is unable to detect any sort of DVD” does this include pressed discs too? Nero usually takes very long to encode and recode files, it all depends on how fast your PC is.

Would it be worth just getting a new writer? and what would you recommend?

Im running windows with a Intel Pentium 4 3.2 HT, 1GB Ram, GeForce 6800 GT, unsure if you need anymore details.

For about $30-$40 you can get a new burner that burns 16x speeds depending on where you live. A majority of stores carry nothing but 16x media now. You may find some 8x here and there but not many. The only 4x I can think of that could still be on shelves is DVDRW. It wouldn’t hurt if you are willing or are able to afford a new drive. I remember when DVD writers use to cost $300-500 :eek:. Now they are much cheaper and very affordable. I would suggest sticking with the brands LG, Samsung, or LiteOn if you are going to buy a new burner. It’s starting to get tougher to find spindles of 2x-4x media in the retail chains if you still own a slow burning drive. The only place you will find slow media is on the internet. In my opinion, I would it would be worth the purchase just to avoid compatability problems and the frustration.

I live in the UK, not that it matters much, but Ive been looking at the Pioneer 112D, would that be just as good as the LG, Samsung and LiteOn’s?

Personally I’d go for one of the brands already mentioned, but what little I’ve heard about the 112 has also been good :slight_smile:

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