DVD reading speed with 1620..like 2x..WTF

Ok…I have my BenQ1620 set as master on IDE1, Ulta DMA2…using MS IDE drivers with DFI SLI-DR(the system is memtest and prime95 small fft for 12hrs when I stopped it)

I am using CloneDVD and Anydvd…latest versions

I just did a backup of disc…took like 16min to create the image…clearly the dvd was read at high speed…

now after a reboot it is reading at like 2x and I have gone into Anydvd to turn off drive control(no better), then set to fast and noisy…(no better)

I used Nero Drive Speed …this did nothing…

I have been able to get the Benq 1620 to work fine on 3discs…high speed read but most of the time it is reading like 2x

I use P9 modified with the speed patch

Is there anyway to get this drive to work???

Which burstrate do you get in nero cdspeed ?

Interestingly …I did a different disc and it worked ok…it seems it maybe my original disc is acting weird

I will say this …I got my best overall burn on P9 with your patched fw on my new setup
12x wopc off TY02@TY03…burned full disc in 6:16…it had like 16000 PIE(max 9), PIF total was 79 but max of 5 one spike of 5 and one of 4…I love your work… :bow:

I will try a few more probably tomorrow…to see what is up

I often found a wide range of ripping speeds with different discs with the hacked 1620. I never could figure out what was going on except the problem was with specific discs and not others. I always assumed it was in some way related to variations in different means of creating DL pressed discs. It never was present in any other of my drives and it used to drive me crazy looking for DMA or firmware or bad drive as thr cause. I finally gave up ripping from my 1620 but for the occasional rip when I am doing three at a time and I am in a hurry.

Thanks …glad I am not the only one…I started to think it was the disc…as other DL ripped and wrote an image in 15-17min…several took 40min…

when it works the 1620 flys