DVD Reading Problems with Benq 1625 Lightscribe



I need some help with my DVD drive. For some reason, my DVD’s will only be read if I put them in my computer and then reboot the computer. If I try to put them in and open them as a data disc or view the contents such as watching a DVD with any DVD viewing program, the computer hangs. I was wondering if anybody new what this is about. I think it happens with my CD drive as well so there may be something wrong in the way things are hooked up on the motherboard. Please help. This problem is getting really frustrating.



It may have to do with your ASPI layer but I am not sure; try to install ASPI 4.60 see if helps.


Nope, that’s doesn’t work.
Any other ideas anyone.


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This is most likely a software problem.

You could first try to boot with the Windows CD to make sure that the drives still work :slight_smile:

Uninstall software that may be interfering (especially virtual drive software such as Alcohol or Daemon Tools).
You can also try uninstalling other burning software.
Disable the upper and lower filters.

If this doesn’t work, try this drive in another computer to ensure that it is indeed a software problem.


i have daemon and alcohol 120%, so I’ll try uninstalling those. Thanks…any other ideas anyone else?


how do I disable the upper and lower filters?