Dvd Reading problem

Hello, I have a JVC Dvd Recorder (he writes Dvd - ) on my Television. I recorded some discs and wanted to play them on my Pc (with a Sony Dvd Reader) but that didn t work . So today, I bought me a new PC- Dvd Reader/Writer ( Benq 16x -> He writes as well + as - so I guess ,he also READS + and - ) But he also can t read the recorded Dvd’s :confused:

The recorded Dvd’s are TDK so I think that s not the problem. Do I have to Close my Dvd’s or something,to make them readable? And if so,how can I do that. I m just a newbee with Dvd,my Jvc is just 1 week old so I don t know much about it.

THanx a lot in advance and sorry for my english!

Greetz Thomas :bow:

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After recording you have to finalize the DVD to make it readable in other standalones and PC DVD-ROMs.

I am having same problem. on first set top alba dvd recorder recorded some stuff on dvd+r (since sent dvd back) now have sumvision SV-1001 recorder this time used dvd+rw (maxell 4x) having read instructions I now know that i should have finalized dvd+r discs before sending old player back, but someone said that shouldnt matter with computer dvd rom drive, it should read atleast folders so that i can manipulate them.
Any way My dvd drive is a (LG dvd-rom drd8160b) it still wont read dvd+r or dvd+rw.
please help doin my head in.
p.s. just bought emprex dvd writer 8x dvd write 4x dvd rewrite +&- formats r&rw not dual layer and I know its half the speed of most now but i dont copy many dvd’s and i got it cheap so is it worth taking back and paying over double for faster speed and dual layer ?..thanks in advace to those who reply