DVD reading problem with plextor 712a

Hey all,

So first off, i’m no computer genius, so if you need more info from me, then plz tell me where to look to get it and I will.

But here is my problem. I have a plextor 712a with the newest firmware version. I can no longer read dvd’s on it. It shows that a dvd is in, but then it does just blinks yellow in this pattern (blink, blink, pause, blink, blink, pause…) and repeats. It will sometimes work, but not usually. It reads all types of regular cd’s fine, burned, audio… It shows dvd’s such as the Call of Duty 4 dvd as blank. I can not write files to a bland dvd either. I checked the Cod4 dvd and it works fine on all other computers. I am running Windows XP sp2. Any suggestions would be helpful thanks.

Sounds like the laser that reads/burns dvd’s has crapped out…

Ya, I may try to do the cleaning thing, but if that doesn’t work, then I’ll just buy a new one, this one lasted me for about 3 years, which isn’t bad at all.