DVD reading problem with DVR-k15

hey guys, im having a slight problem. I just reformatted my computer cause it was running pretty slow, and it would read backed up dvd’s. I installed all of my drivers and everything that i needed, and when i put a black dvd in, my laptop doesnt recoqnize it. It doesnt even see anything in My Computer. I also am running Anydvd and blaze dvd for my dvd player, and both of those programs dont see anything. My computer works fine with retail dvd’s. I put my burned dvd’s in my other computers, and they read the dvd’s fine. Someone please help.
Software or Hardware issue???

HP Pavilion DV1321us
DVD decrypter
DVD shrink
pioneer DVR-k15


What should i change with the software?

You have to test it, just uninstall especially anydvd and try again.