Dvd Reading Probelms



I’ll start of by saying hello to everyone on this forum first :slight_smile:

OK anyway

I have two dvdrw on my computer one is a LITE-ON DVDRW LDW-851S and the other is a LG HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4120B both play regular cds fine but when a dvd is inserted it dosnt read it, they used to read dvds but for some unknown reason they just stopped, when i click my computer and select them its labbeled as a normal cd drive. I’ve looked around the internet and seen lots of people have the same problem, Can anyone help me out here? :confused:


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Do you have reading problems only with burned DVDs or also with pressed ones?


Wow my Lg drive has decided to play dvds now but goes really slow then freezes and my LITE-ON drives dosnt play pressed or burned. I go to my computer and click to see whats on disc it opens up but is empty.


Have you installed some softwares recently? Or maybe some hardware changes in your computer?


I’ve formated my computer and put the necessary software on so theres deffinately no change in software and i dont think i have changed any hardware.


Buzzin…take the drives out and see if you can install them on another PC (See if you can find a really good friend who’ll allow you to do this…). If they cause the same problems on another PC then the drives have had it.
If not, then there’s something wrong with either your hard-drive, memory or power supply unit. Let’s take this step by step. :slight_smile:


Hi Buzzin Billy
PLEASE try this

[B]Delete the driver or drivers in device manager, shut down the PC and (Disconnect) the burner or burners from your computer. then re-boot the PC and wait for XP to run and after everthing is up and running , NOW shut it down again. and re-connect the burner or burners, Now power up the PC and wait for XP to detect the “new” drive or drivers and assign the proper driver[/B]