DVD reading on a cd burner?



Is there any way to read a DVD on an ordinary multiread cd reader/writer? and if so where to download an evaluation?



Not a chance,

nope, nee, nein.


If you really want to, buy the aopen DRW4624 dvd/cdr, than it’s possible.


no way


But it is possible, with that drive, there is also one on the market from toshiba


Thank you all for answering so quickly, solved the problem by spending money on a dvd drive. Just in the process of transfering data from the dvd to cd roms now.


i know, there is a new ricoh drive out that can read dvds and write to cd-rs, but not write DVDs. i read about this in eMedia magazine, so it is true.


if you wanna play with it install linux with the 2.2.14 kernal and install the udf file system and use cdrecord…ect and they have successfully written 80 tracks to a dvd-r under linux with just a regular multiread burner…
heres the url to check it all out… http://trylinux.com/projects/udf/


i dont think that is even possible - with linux or any other os!! dvd discs are 'sposed to be compatible with dvd-rom drives only, thats what makes em dvd!!


I think it’s some kind of emulator