DVD Readers Will Not Read Burned Dvds

Hi All, I have a problem where DVD Readers will not read burnt DVDs. Comes
up with “Windows cannot read from the disk. The disk might be corrupted, or
it could be using a format that is not compatible with windows.” Yet I can
read them in the DVD Burners. The Disks were burnt on a Windows XP Pro SP1 machine. This is happening on 2 systems with Windows XP Pro SP2 and LiteOn DVD Readers and Pioneer Burners. Any help would be much appreciated.
TIA. Cheers, Dave. :bow:

how are you burning the dvd’s, what media, what software…

Hi Rob, I am reading/ encoding with DVD Shrink and burning with DVD Decrypter on the SP1 computer with Pioneer DVD Reader and burning with Pioneer DVR-109 using TDK 4x media. It seems to me to be a XP SP2 issue, because they will read in the DVD Burners on the SP2 Machines.
Thanks, Dave.