DVD Reader!



ive used all topic searches but i am still not sure which dvd rom to buy. i want one that can read all copy protections including audio and does not use atip check. i have a 40x lite on which can burn about everything. i just need a dvdrom that can read everything. i have it narrowed to liteon 16x, toshiba 16x, or the asus 16x anymore info would be greatly appreciated.

thank you!


i have the toshiba 16x dvd-rom…it reads everything…
i tried one key2audio cd…and it could be read with it


Here is my experience:

Lite-On LTD-163/LTD-163D: Can’t read key2audio v3 at least. But is very fast at reading non-protected audio discs. Pretty good at everything else. Good for copying on the fly to other drives.

Asus E616 DVD-ROM: Can’t read Key2Audio v3 at least. Still pretty fast at reading unprotected music discs. good cloneCD speed.

Toshiba SD-M1612: I don’t have this drive, but my SD-M1502 can’t read key2audio v3. And according to the cdrinfo review it can’t rip protected audio. Else it’s fast in cloneCD but easily gets read errors where there should not be any read errors.