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hi everyone,
sorry if this subject is already posted but the search button doesn’t work and I could not search for my problem . I am very srry .
Ok ,since I baught the LG GSA-4163B I kept using it for reading and burning DVDs but what I noticed after frequent using, My burner have started rotting :rolleyes: it can’t read some burned DVDs (burned and tested and work fine) that’s why I just want a confirmation about do burners lose their effeciency after some time of use if so I am looking for DVD reader to enlighten the pressure :p. Anyone can recommande me a good DVD reader that have better error correction and can endure hard use and can tests my burned dvds and could you please tell me how to keep it last longer


Dvd burners can take a hell of a lot of use before they start wearing out (of course your milage will vary and there are always going to be a few defective ones from any brand). Still, there are advantages to a reader. Sometimes it makes the process more convient, they can be faster and stronger readers than some good burners, and it does ballance the wear onto two drives, plus they are cheap. You cannot do error testing on a dvd rom though. Only compatible burners can do reliable error testing.
More than liklly, if you have disks that burn fine but have problems later, either your burner is not a very strong reader (I’m not farmiliar with how well the lg’s read but my nec3500 for example is an superb burner but only an ok reader), or the media you used is not the best and or is incompatible with your burner/firmware.
This is a very good dvd rom

find out if the lg can do error testing. From what I gather from the lg faq, they cannot do error scanning. You might want to consider getting a burner like a benq (they are suposed to be good readers) that you can use as a reader as well as a drive for error testing, instead of a dvd rom. Having two burners will also expand the range of media that you can use (every drive has its favorite medias).


Usually an unreadable disc is caused by 2 things.

  1. Poor quality media used.
  2. Burning too fast.

What blank DVD’s are you using? Use a program such as CD/DVD speed to find the media ID code and let us know.

What speed are you burning at? Poor media and high speed usually ends up as a piece of plastic to set your favorite beverage on.

Is your burner external?
Is the firmware updated to the latest version?

And as Ripit stated, burners have their media that they like best. And, Benqs are pretty good readers/burners, as are LiteOns, though LiteOns cannot check jitter readings.


Agree with what jhtalisman and ripit said , your going to have to experiment with different media /speed setting also f/w to find what your lg 4163 likes best.
I know my lg4160 was a crappy reader , not in the same class afaik as the lg4163 , seen some get scans on the 4163 using MCC 004 media dvd+R 16x burned @ 12x excellent !! better than my Benq , learn’t through this forum and lot of testing , my Benq loves TY media the best … use the search function or check the LG threads , sure you can find info that can help with this …
btw , welcome …


My own LG4163 seems to like quality media - MCC, TY etc. Moser Baer India discs also burn very well on both my LGs. The LGs seem to struggle somewhat with mediocre or crappy media (both reading and burning).

Agree with experimenting with firmware/media. :slight_smile:

As for reading/ripping, I find LiteOns do very well in this area, no matter what you throw at them.

Just my thoughts :wink:


recently I baught a Verbatim cakebox of 25 DVD-R 8X (Ritek05) and I burned some @ 4X the result is excellent not even 1 error that lowers reading speed, but the cakebox before this one was Eurotop (Fake TY) and some are good burned and tested but some are jerky with error that lowers reading speed till unreadable sectors, the strange is that those DVDs I burned I was able to read them with my burner LG 4163B FW A105 (Latest FW I think :p) but now I can’t, that’s what made me I little angry, that day I can but now I can’t :\ . that’s why I started thinking about buying a new Reader and I need an advice from CDfreaks community ^^. as I said above better error correction and
btw MCC burns great on as TY also

that’s my problem :(.
the media I am trying to read are some fake TY

no I tried Nero CD/DVD speed and Kprob but no one can perform it.

thanx {^_^} :bow:

some friends recommanded me Plextor readers but my teacher told me LiteOn is also good, now I am a bit confused . :confused:
thanx again for answers :clap:


I recall one of the more experienced mebers here comenting that older plextor drives were very good readers (not to say new ones are not, but rather the person wasn’t sure). There is more than one drive that is a good reader so don’t be confused. Find a particular model drive from theses brands and find out about it. If it is a good reader and seems to have the features you like, get it. Don’t worry about there being other good readers to and second guessing your decision, or you may never settle on a drive to get/be happy with.
Just a word of warning though. Even if you are lucky and the new drive reads those fake ty’s, I would reburn them on good media. Those fake ty’s most liklly will not remain readable for too long.


3 years ago I baught the ASUS E616, I realy apreciated its results, it has a very good error correction and it was very fast but unfonrtunatly it didn’t complete even one year of its life and sopped reading DVD-ROMs, what was the problem ? who knows :sad:

according to your experience could you recommande me one or 2 :o

Ok sir :bow:
Thanx Alooooooooooot :clap:


This liteon is one of the most popular readers. With modified firmware, it is very fast (even without modified firmware it is pretty fast) and it is a pretty good reader.

The aopen 1608/1616 is a very good cd burner (2 sheep meaning it can read well enough to get past some of the tougher cd copy protections), and my personal experience at least, on average, it reads disks that none of my other drives can read. For me at least, it has proven to be a very solid dvd reader and it is resonably fast. While it is a dvd burner, its dvd burning sucks with a big capital S.
the aopen 1648 has been claimed to be an exelent dvd rom too. I don’t think they are easily avalable in the US though I still see some online shops in other countries carrying them. Should you run across one, they are suposed to be very good. Here is a thread about them.
The benq 1640 is not only a very good dvd burner, it is also a fast and good dvd reader. there are some people still activlly seeking these drives even though new models are avalable. Thier avalability is limited though rebadges (that drive with someone elses name on it) are still avalable, and there are a few 1640s still floating around. The newer benq drives 1650/1655 seem to be very good burners. I would suspect that they are good readers like the previous benq’s, but I cannot say for sure (I just don’t know either way). they certainlly merit looking into though. Beware the benq dq60. It is a piece of crap. The newest liteon models are suposed to be good readers as well as good writers. They are very good error scanning drives (as are the benq’s). I’m not super farmiliar with the particular models of the newest liteons, but liteons have traditionally been very good readers and very good scanners, and I have heard more than one time that the newer models are very good burners too.

Personally, since your lg cannot do error scanning, I think I would tend towards a benq or liteon burner. either should serve very well as a reader as well as providing decent scanning ability. Being able to scan is a very important part of getting good burns.


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