DVD reader for low quality media

I am looking for best reader for low quality DVD-R disks. “Best” means drive
that can recover most sectors from disks with hi PIE/PIF values.
I used couple of such disks with PIF ramp at the end and compared different
drives (DVD-ROMs and DVD-writers) for maximum % of recovered data.

I tested Sony DRU500, DRU510, DRU700, DDU1621, Toshiba SD-M1712,
SD-M1912, Aopen DVD1648/AAP, Asus E616P2, Pioneer DVD115, Liteon
SOHD-167T, SOHW-812S and SOHW-1213S.

So far the worst reader is Pioneer 115 (23%) and best readers are Liteon 812S (86%) and Tosiba M1912 (87%) which based on Mediatek chipset and Sanyo pick-ups.

What about BenQ DW1620, BTC DRW1108, LG GSA-416X or Pioneer DVR-A09?
Is it worth to try them?

I have a Toshiba SD-R5272 and BenQ1620, and the Toshiba is by far a better reader for reading damaged/low quality discs. I have some Lead Data DVD-R’s I recorded about 2 years ago and the BenQ can not read the whole disc, but the Toshiba can without any read errors. In general, any Toshiba DVD drive will probably be your best bet.