DVD reader/burner not recognized by computer (Philips DVD6001)



[qanda]This thread is about the Philips DVD6001. Click here to see full specs[/qanda](The info about DVD make and model may not be accurate - see below for explanation why I can’t check it)
A day or so ago my computer was automatically updated overnight. The following morning I had a black screen indicating a problem with master and slave not being recognized (please bear with me I am not a techie although I have used computers for the past 28 years). I soon realized what was wrong because I could not activate my DVD player - if I push the button nothing happens - the drawer won’t open. I tried to use Roxio software but it tells me that I don’t have an active DVD.
This DVD player/burner was installed by Dell and I don’t even know what make or model it is because I can’t check the computer…it’s not registering any burner at all.
I phoned Dell because I am still covered by an extended next biz day service warranty. They told me that I would have to unplug the computer and then open it up and work within it.
I have never done this in my life (I’m 64) and am very troubled about doing this work. They tell me that they cannot send a technician because Dell technicians are only sent to replace parts…not to diagnose problems!
Is there any way I can check the problem with the burner without unplugging all the wires (it’s in an awkward place and hard to dismantle) and actually working inside the computer?
Any help would be appreciated


I think the first thing I would try would be to see if the dvd drive shows up in the bios. Do you have a manual for the computer to see how to get into the bios? If not, I believe hitting F2 as the Dell logo appears when you first boot up the machine will get you into it.

The bios is used to start up and identify the components of the machine each time you boot it up. If the drive is listed in the bios it may not be entirely dead.

To get out of the bios, you’ll have to use the arrow keys to navigate and find the Exit button and hit Enter. (if you are just examining items, normally you get an option to Exit and Not Save Changes…this is a safe exit from the bios and won’t change anything in it).

Have you tried going to a restore point prior to the update?

Is the dvd drive the only part that is not working correctly? If so, and if the drive doesn’t show up in the bios, I’d call Dell and have them replace the drive.