Dvd read speed grey out



this is very interesting problem on new trail version 1.9.5 b 3105 when reading dvd-rom dvd some how the set read speed is grey out can not select any speed to read dvd, it’s happen with dvd only, cd is no problem at all.
Any body notice this problem?


well, I think no body run into this problem because you guy not used roxio 7.5.
I have roxio 7.5 installed and working good with anydvd, clonedvd2, dvddecrypter, dvdshrink, nero recode,… but not with alcohol 120, it is conflict with upperfilter and lowerfiter set by:
lowerfilter = anydvd elbydelay cdr4_2k
upperfilter = cdralw2k pwd_2k
if I removed these 2key than alcohol 120 will enable read speed to maximum and I can select the read speed I want when ripping dvd.
Anybody have other way to work around this problem because I don’t want to remove this 2 key cause other application not working.
Or I just uninstall alcohol 120 and not use it.