DVD read problm

I compressed a 7.09 GB movie with DVD Shrink 3.0 BETA 5 and I am still getting glitches and skipping while I am watching the movie. I am using Ridata + 4x blanks and cannot get rid of thsi problem.

Is the movie simply being compressed too much or are there better DVD-R options? I used to use Princo’s but one of my friends told me Ridata’s are better. If I use Princo’s to play PS2 games it reads very slow and the gameply is off, yet Ridata works fine. This kind of shows me that Ridata might be better.

Any suggestions? What’s a brand of media above the Ridata’s that I could get for a price that won’t go over $1.30-$1.50 a disc?

You are asking for high quality at low prices—not going to find that easily. The Ridata are generally considered good quality disks, so you probably won’t find anything better in that price range unless you find a sale somewhere.

If you want the best disks, pay for them. If your recorder can use -R disks, go down to Walmart and get some Maxell 4x -R disks made in Japan, or some Fuji 4x -R disks in packs of ten, also made in Japan. Either will be very high quality (those particular Fuji’s are Taiyo Yuden).

+R disks made in Japan are hard to come by in the US, but there are a few places to order them online. They typically run about $2 a disk, sold in packs of 50 or 100. Only seen Taiyo Yuden so far.