DVD Read Problems



Just picked up a SHW 160P6S - PSO8
For the life of me, I can not get the drive to read my wife’s Tea Bo II disk.
The drive just spins on and on and finally fails.

Our console DVD player reads it just fine, as does the DVD ROM on my kid’s computer.

I have tried several other DVD’s in my library, all of which seem to work just fine in my SHW 160P6S.

I ripped the disk using my kids DVD Rom using DVD Decrypter, and Burned the image on a +R DL disk.

I then performed a KProbe scan with excellent results. The burnt disk is detected and plays great on all of my DVD’s including the SHW 160P6S.

Is any one else having read problems with the SHW 160P6S?
Is this normal behavior from DVD ROM/RW to DVD ROM/RW?

Any thoughts? :rolleyes:


It maybe just the disc and the solution you’ve done is good. (I’ll do the same thing.)


You may want to check the Book Type. It should be DVD-ROM for maximum compatibility.


I get the same inconsistent behaviour on movie DVDs here. One, Indochina, distributed free with one of the weekend newspapers and pressed by Sony DASD in Austria, won’t play in the SHW-160P6S but will play perfectly happily in everything else.

On looking at the DVD my first impression is that the centre shiny area is a little larger than usual but these seem to vary slightly from one title to another anyway.

When you put this DVD in the SHW-160P6S the light stays on and the head is obviously hunting for the table of contents. It makes some pretty alarming clicking noises doing so, but never finds it.

The drive plays other DVDs with no problems at all, picks up the TOC in only a couple of seconds, then spins up to play the DVD.