DVD read problems

Im a total newbie so hope you can help. When i record a DVD on my NEC3500 drive it will not read in my DVD rom but is fine on my home DVD player. can anyone help as my DVD rom plays proper DVD no problem



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If you want help - you have to give us more info on your setup - how could we possibly help without this information?


I have an MSI combo lan kt266 chipset atlon xp2000 266fsb 256mb pc266 Nvidia Gforce4 64meg agp 4x & an Hitachi GD5000 DVD rom . My DVD durner is NEC3500 using the firmware it cam with. i use nero 6601. My DVD rom will not read any format of data writen to a DVD it does not even recognise a disc when it is inserted data video nothing. Hope this is enough info for help.

Since your burnt discs play on both your 3500 and standalone it is probably not the media. You could try udating the firmware on the hitachi, also check and see if the drive recognises cd’s.