DVD read problem

hiii. i have dvd which i can play in my dvd player system(onida) but cant play in my dvd drive(LG). i cant understand wats da problem. Can anyone help me?

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Maybe the LG drive needs some cleanings. If there is dust on the optical pickup this can cause similar problems.

Another possibility is that disc itself is dirty or scratched. If dirty, try to clean it. If scratched, then there is nothing you can do except for trying to recover all data from that disc using a different drive and then burn data on a new disc :slight_smile:

Is this the only DVD you are having this problem with?
Is is a commercial DVD or a burned DVD ?

thnx for ur response. its a marriage dvd which gave our photographer. as i said its working good in my dvd player but not working in my computer dvd drive. Also if i want to open it or want to copy from my computer then i cant. but i can copy whole disc by nero…

Try a software named ISOBuster.It has a free trial & should let you see the file types on this disc. It may not be able to extract the files with the trial version.
What are the file types ?
What OS are you using?