DVD read problem

I have a new liteon shm 165p6s that won’t read MSDN subscription DVDs but it will play movies. Installed is Nero ultra 7 and WMP 11. I later installed Power DVD to see if that would help but no go. I even uninstalled WMP11 to no effect. Any ideas? The DVDs work on my other machine.

How did you determine that it would not read the MSDN discs? Did you receive any error messages?

There are no error messages. After several minutes IE will show the drive as blank. My 160p6s does the same thing. I found the hotfix for KB899527 and applied it but they still do not read MSDN discs. My old Sony DRU510A reads them with no trouble.

I forgot to mention that I tried firmware MSOM and MSOP on the 165 and PSOB on the 160.

Did I say IE; I meant explorer.