DVD read and write speeds are slower for no reason

I’ve been burning DVDs and ripping them for a couple years now my computer and just recently, the rip times won’t go higher than 1.7x and the burn rate says it is 16x, but it takes almost 40 minutes to complete a burn with Nero (as opposed to about 6 minutes previously). What could cause this kind of drop in performance? I checked the DMA mode on my DVD drive, and it says Ultra DMA mode 6. I don’t think I installed anything new, certainly not any new hardware, so I can’t figure out why this would happen for apparently no reason. The DVD drive is a Sony RW DRU-810A, using the standard XP driver. Any help would be appreciated.



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Ultra DMA mode 6 is your harddisc.

Your Sony is probably in PIO mode. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=101616

Check the Secondary Channel as well.

Here I go again.This is a fault in SP2 that Microsoft has clammed up about.http://support.microsoft.com/kb/883523/en-us it applies to DVD writers as well even though they don’t state this.I installed the hotfix and it cured ALL the problems I had.There is a fix and reg hack to restore the ASPI layer as well which could be useful but the hotfix usually WORKS.

Make sure:

  1. your drive is in DMA position
  2. Defrag your hard drive
  3. delet all the file in Temp directory
  4. Try to have good amount memory available.

Thanks for the advice. When I was looking at my IDE controllers, I thought the first one in the list was for the hard drives, so I looked at the second one. That’s where I saw the DMA Ultra Mode 6. You were right that the drive had slipped back into PIO mode. Anybody have any idea what causes that to happen? It was the first time it happened to me, but it still seems weird that it would happen at all. BTW, I uninstalled the IDE adapter and when I rebooted, it recognized it as DMA again.

It happens. Could have just been a disk you inserted which it had problems reading.
You’re not the first it has happened to, and you won’t be the last. :slight_smile: