DVD & RAW Mode (Software or Hardware)?



As I understand it you can’t copy a DVD in RAW Mode like you can a CD. I was wondering if it was a hardware problem or a software problem or both. I thought with a modified firmware for your DVD Burner, a software capable of writing DVD’s in RAW Mode, and a DVD+R you could write to all 2064 bytes per sector. Also could you copy all 2064 bytes per sector to an image on your computer?



Oh I forgot to put I am using a SH-S202N DVD Burner with a SB02 Firmware.


This is a dead horse. No drive maker will implement it and if anyone has found a way it would be all over the net and you wouldn’t be asking the question. Check the ecma-267 for some useful information.


Hmm, okay. Thanks. I’ve been reading around and you’re right. I haven’t found anything to do this. I just got curious. :smiley: