DVD ratio issues



hey all, im quite new to the dvd durning process and i have tried to pick a lt of it up myself.
I am big on anime which means a lot of subs to read. burning the files to dvd and making a menu is not a problem. But whenever i try to play the dvd on my dvd player, it always cuts off a bit of the screen somewhere, i tried it on one anime which cut of the sides so sometimes the beginning and end of subs were missing, i then tried it on a nother and it did the same. I use neroVision at the moment but am open to ANY suggestions that will allow me to see the full picture on my TV.

heres a picture of my problem

how it should look


how it does look


please if any one can help me this problem post back!
i will be in your debt for ever and ever and ever!!! :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Thanks everyone


I don’t know much about Nero but there should be a setting where you can set or change the resolution (Size) of your screen may be that will solve it??? Sorry I can’t be a big help with it on the Nero side of things but have you tried looking HERE there is a lot of info and tutorials.


Are you changing from pal to NTSC? Or cropping?

Have you tried an different software, maybe try avitodvd?


Im trying to resize the image so it comes out right on my TV.
Ill try that Avitodvd, i think i just need some software that can resize the video size so it comes out smaller on my TV.
Im not sure though. If anyone knows a sure way of doing this any info will be much obliged.