DVD-Ranger releases information on CinEx HD – improved Cinavia removal

We’ve just posted the following news: DVD-Ranger releases information on CinEx HD – improved Cinavia removal[newsimage]http://static.myce.com//images_posts/2012/09/DVDRanger_logo.png[/newsimage]

The developers of DVD-Ranger used the first Christmas day to release additional information about their Cinavia removal module, CinEx.

            Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/dvd-ranger-releases-information-on-cinex-hd-improved-cinavia-removal-69985/](http://www.myce.com/news/dvd-ranger-releases-information-on-cinex-hd-improved-cinavia-removal-69985/)

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Pre-Release again? To pay money for a beta version? No, thank you!

Words, words, words. These guys use all PR tricks, like in this very case, (re)naming their “product”, to make ppl pay for a software that does not work.

“First Christmas Day”… Now that makes me smile, like the “developer” who used to visit our Forum.

It is sooo pathetic.

Ulenspiegel…it is amazing what you wrote. We do not have release any new version of our software. What we have done is to inform the team of Myce.com that we have moved a step forward and we sent them a proof of this work.
Are we now at the point where it is forbidden to infrom the world about our progress?
Also, to write that our software do not work, is wrong. DVD-Ranger CinEx was confirmed by MyCe.com. so it works. If it do not do the quality you want, then ou have to life with it, but not to spread lies. With your posting you directly offense the MyCe.com team, too.

However, everybody wanted a better quality and now it is bad that we have done it and gave MyCe.com a sample of this work?

Oh well, DVDRanger, we can continue this type of discussion, but it is useless.

I can only agree with you: informing the “world” about your progress is a postive manifestation.

“Cinex was confirmed by myCE.com”. I guess here you have either a problem expressing yourself correctly in English or you did not read thouroghly the extremely professional and at the same time objective test of your software. And of course you dare use MyCE as a reference on your webpage.

And from now on I stop posting on Cinex. I wish you luck in your work.

Ulenspiegel, I do not like this “White Power” behavior about our english skills. We are doing a great job and good software and that is the most important thing. To write correct english sentences on an international forum, as a german who lives in Spain and finaly on a Belique website is not as important as many people think.