Dvd Ranger email do not buy into the scam

To start off with cinavia fix was supposed to be released Oct 31, 2012 nothing but they are still selling the new cinavia module over 90 days later preorder in sum there is still no product and then I get this email from Dvd Ranger and I can tell you that there was never an admin by the name of Tim on the old dvdnextcopy support forum I was co owner for years so they lie again.

My thoughts stay away from this company there will be no cinavia fix from them wait for Slysoft.


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Most people know that DVDneXtCOPY no longer works and that there is no more support forum. Therefore, more and more people switch to DVD-Ranger, also the former DNC staff:

Tim - Old DNC Forum Admin “I have tried numerous soft wares over the years, I met many of Great folks from previous forum I was a member of for year most are Admins here at DVD Ranger. I was fortunately able to try this software and was simply amazed at how it works, I am still learning and going through a computer upgrade phase. Most I appreciate the ease of use and the dedication I have seen and had from the Owners & Admins. Only issue I have had is not buying it sooner.”

DVD-Ranger is not only one of the best copy software products worldwide, DVD-Ranger also soon be the first real “Cinavia” solution.

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Let me add I was the official owner and designer for the DVD neXt COPY support forum. There was never and admin there by the name of Tim or timmy or Timothy. All I did was have a place for all to get help, share ideals and enjoy the surrounding atmosphere. Due to health issues and money constraints and tired of the Ranger pulling crap trying to close me down I simple saw it needed to close the forum.