DVD Ranger CinEx HD & CinEx HD Utility Tool Update News (Nov. 2014-present)

:slight_smile: yea It will be nice. :bow: ST3

:cop: Now to find more Titles with Cinavia to kill

How long now for this “ST3” ? cant wait to see what it looks like and how it works.:wink: in the mean time keep up the good work.:clap:

There are pieces of ST3 in ST2 now , but the cost to complete this project is very high. All we as users can do is wait patiently

Today we have released the database files for the blockbuster:

Almost Christmas (DVD), English Track
DVD Note:
Do not forget that you can download database files for DVD only out of the software, not out of the member area.
Title: 9
Please follow this guides:
Show DVD database list
Install database files

Today we have released the database files for the blockbuster:

Public Enemies , English Track

Note: Universal Studios

Cinavia was detected on the 2012 re-released Blu-ray. The movie was released first time in 2009. The 2009 version is Cinavia free

Looks like CinEx HD is no more. The website is down and emails are bounced. Too bad because I really liked the software. Since database updates are no longer available the software that I purchased is useless.

Its been down for months. No more program

While the quality is lower you can still use SoundTouch 2 which doesn’t require any databases.

I could swear I happened to visit the website a week or two ago and it was still around. Can’t say that I’m not overly surprised that it’s gone however.

Looks like that leaves two software alternatives left.

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The website is still up I think but the forum is down and you cannot buy it anymore ( I think) it has not been updated for a year

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What are the two alternatives?

For Blu-ray: a combination of AnyDVD & CloneBD. Or DVDFab with the Cinavia Removal addon.

For DVD: DVDFab with the Cinavia Removal addon.

That’s assuming the movie is in their database file.

Just as an FYI the CinexHD website popped back up and the downloads are working. Grab what you need while you can. No idea how long it’ll last.

All old movies now, its not worth the space on my hard drive.

Everything still works there was a Amazon server issue , sales of the software are still on . ST2-3beta still working . remember if you try an mass bulk download the Amazon Security Server will lock you out

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What happened to the Ranger Forum ?

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I killed the DVDRanger Support Forum .

The Only support now is for CinExHD. I run a sub Forum now on BeyondWindows10

Only support I give now is for CinExHD.

Does the support include updated database files? That’s what I really need now.