DVD-Ranger CinEx released (10-28-13)

DVD-Ranger comes with CinEx improvements and fixes and a new updated converter.

Changes in DVD-Ranger

New! – Updated CinEx module.
New! – Fix for missing videoframe protection (Unsync).
New! – Updated help file.

After a long investigation we found out a new copy protection that force unsync video files. This is now fixed with this version.

Link: http://www.dvd2hd.com/downloads/

“new copy protection that force unsync video files”?
What is it? Which movies have such protection?

Maybe this only applies to the DVDRanger prog. in how it deals with demuxing and muxing of blu-ray.

That however is a wild guess on my part, I haven’t heard of any out of sync on blu-ray discs.
I have some relatively new movies…say a few months released and haven’t seen anything like this.

Perhaps some of the very latest movie releases has something like this.
Although I have my doubts since there would be reports already.