Do liteon do a drive that reads dvd ram ?
I have a ldw 411s can that be upgraded in some way to read ram ?

No the LiteOn 401S/411S/451S/811S/851S do not support DVD-RAM reading.

Edit: Checked latest LiteOn DVD-ROM drives and the don’t support it either.
(166S, 165H, 163D, 163 all do NOT support DVD-RAM reading)

well actually you can get the drive to read it but you will have to break the disc out of the cassette :



Well you can break open the DVD-RAM case all you want but the drive still doesn’t support DVD-RAM reading. No matter what type it of DVD-RAM you are talking about.


As a cheap option if you really need to read DVD-RAM:
The newest Toshiba and LG DVD-ROM drives can read DVD-RAM discs (check documentation to verify before buying) and only cost like $30US or so.

Thanks looks like dvd rom that reads ram is the option.
I have a dvd ram recorder and want to get TV episodes onto the PC to edit them for burning to DVD - .

Don’t feel bad about the LiteOn drive, it isn’t alone.
AFAIK the only commercial DVD Burner on the market right now that supports DVD-RAM reading is the LG series 4040B/8040B. Of course they read it because they also can write it. :smiley:
From OC-Freaks reviews the write quality on the LG burners leave allot to be desired though.