I am thinking about buying a lg gsa-h10n burner. It has the ability to record in dvd ram. I know it comes with software and Nero and incd. I don’t want to install incd if i don’t have to. Do i need it for dvdram ? Will it work without it?

Windows XP can natively burn on RAM discs without any driver installed.

The only thing it require is to previously format the disc in FAT32 filesystem (easily done right clicking on the drive and selecting “format”). After that, the disc can work like a large floppy disc.

Thank you geno.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

if you install Panasonic or Toshiba DVD-RAM drivers, you can also burn using UDF filesystem

What about Windows 2000?


You will need Panasonic’s DVD-RAM drivers for that. Have a look at the LG FAQ for instructions and where to download the thing. Try to get hold of if possible as I’m not sure if the earlier supports the H10N for win 2000.

Any idea where to get version Apparently it supports UDF inclusive of 2.60, rather than just 1.50 and 2.00.


on W2k, you must edit dvdram.inf before installing, as the latest version directly supported is the 4167B.
Instead of modifying the dvdram.inf file, you can also try if this works: http://www.bhacorp.com/support/faq_dvdram/01.html#2 (Ignore, that this article is referring to firewire drives)