because InCD launch automatically in windows, i do not want install it.
in this case i need other utility to format a dvd-ram.
can you help me in this case?

Go to the LG burner forum and search for “Panasonic driver”

You can get the latest driver here with the ability to install on non-Matsushita drives


thanks, i took XPDrv5021NEN.rar and i hope be w2k compatible.
also as it writes here:
in the table:
OS Support - Windows® XP Support
Drag & Drop (Just like a Hard Disc Drive) - Windows® XP Support
so it does not need any other driver so i can take that dvd-ram to another PC and do write or read on it? is the driver necessary only to format the dvd-ram?

RAM can only be written and read by drives that support it, and systems with RAM drivers installed. All drivers should support FAT32 and UDF 1.5 or 2.0.

so, instead of InCD for a UDF dvd, a system must have another driver for a fat32 formatted dvd-ram, even if the writer supports dvd-ram?

Windoz XP has native support for Fat32, and only FAT32. UDF requires a driver on all systems.

so, what is this for:
in case i use fat32?

it’s not convenient at all to first install this driver:
on every pc you go in order to use a fat32 dvd-ram.
that’s the point i mean, at least a udf driver installation is embedded on every udf formatted dvd as i know.

…or, more specifically:

*Windows XP can read UDF, but not write. In other words, if you have a DVD-RAM disc loaded in your drive that was formatted and written to with UDF, it will be able to be read without any driver whatsoever. However, it will be read as “read only” with no drag-n-drop copy/paste/save write access available to it at all ('cause Windows can’t write to it and treats it just like any CD/DVD with read-only privileges)

*A driver is only needed to format and/or write (in UDF format) to DVD-RAM discs. Formatting discs to FAT is not recommended on DVD-RAM discs (see wikipedia for discussions of UDF and linked article going into detail about UDF/FAT and its suitability/non-suitability to different mediums).

The UDF write driver is (quite rightly) supplied with Panasonic drives because Matsushita (Panasonic’s parent company) make it, but quite often not with other manufacturers (eg. LG) causing poor users to hunt down hacked Panasonic drivers to format their DVD-RAM with UDF.

I hope that clears up some confusion.

i didn’t know that windows xp can read udf w/o any other driver firstly installed.
anyway i don’t use xp and don’t want to use udf format until i get a camera that use dvd media.

i’m not sure but i think error correction is better at fat32, also bad sectors can be replaced.
if formatting fat32 on dvd-ram is not recommended, i don’t know other cd-dvd media that can be fat32 formatted. (i want to know if there is)

what i still don’t know is waht does this dvd-ram driver, excepting utilities that come with it:
if as i was said, to read or writ a dvd-ram once formatted does not need anymore other driver than windows fat32 driver, what’s that for.

RAM accepts FAT32 format due to the media structure, so no relation to other CD-DVD media that only format UDF flavours according to choosen software.
You use 1.5 or 2 according to the usage you wanna give to the disc.
FAT32 is for normal files and allow you to use the disc as a HDD or Floppy - drag and drop files to the disc. Only problem is maximum file size, but considering the discs capacity you may not want to write 5 GB files to it. For files larger than 4 GB you have to use NTFS but DVD-RAM doesn’t allow it.
BH is uses versions of the Panasonic drivers, so the differences are more among the Panasonic versions than Pana - BH +

thanks for your posts,
i’d like to know some other opinions regarding security of data on udf and fat32, which is the best.