Dvd Ram

is it possible to burn a dvd ram disc on my dvd burner?

Welcome to the forum. Some LG drives will as will some Panasonic and I think there is a Samsung or something else out there that will as well.

What drive do you have?

i dunno it came with my dell… DVD R/RW burner
heres wat i actually want to do…
I want to watch movies on my TV but… data movies… they are quicker to burn and tv series, only 4 episodes will fit on one disc but data… alot more fits on it

Download Infotool: this should say you what is your burner and a lot of other informations

it says i can burn everything but dvd ram
is there anyway i can play video data on my dvd surround system?

Check you control panel system icon for the type of burner you have. It is very unlikely that Dell supplies a RAM burner as they cost a little more and most people don’t use them. Although more burners are adding RAM this year.

RAM does not burn faster than other DVD formats so I am not clear as to why you might want to use it. Most likely you can do what you want with a standard DVD format.

Get infotool.exe from here: http://www.cdspeed2000.com/go.php3?link=download.html
to get more info on what drive you have and what media it will read and write.

Are you referring to a standalone system?

well to burn 4 episodes or sliders… it would take 3 hours in nero express 6

yes my surround system plays dvd±R/ rw vcd DVD DVD-a DVD-v DVD ram

To play on a standalone in my opinion is not necessary to burn on a RAM media. I suggest you to use a normal DVD (+ or -).

i did… i burned a movie as data on my dvdr and it wouldnt play

This was the error. To do a movie you must burn as “video DVD”, not data disc.

i know… but it would take me 3 hours to burn 4 episodes of a tv show… as dvd video… compared to 3 minutes as data dvd

If I understand, these tv show are in divx format, right?

The problem is that if your stabdalone is not able to read divx, then you must convert avi in video DVD format (aka convert .avi files in .vob). And this require time because is necessary to re-encode entirely the movie.

To clear things up a little, it depends completlly on your dvd player. As far as the burn process, all you need to do is burn a regular data dvd onto a dvd-/+r. Some players will play mpeg1/2 as vcd uses mpeg1 and svcd and dvd uses mpeg2 so they already have the ability to decode the files. It’s not that hard to add the ability to read data mpegs. I was kind of suprized that my cheapo 40$ koss player would play mpegs. As far as other file formats like divx, most won’t though there are a few and they are becoming more common. You might want to consider buying a player that plays these files if you have a lot of them (I’m considering the same thing myself). I think that thier is a philips one that is only 60$ but I have heard some bad things about it. I know that their are other but I’m not sure how much they cost.

aparentlly thier are a lot more out thier than last time I checked. On video help, thier are 271 dvd players that play both divx and xvid including some cheap ones like a 60$ apex, a 30$ cyberhome, a 60$ kenwood, a 40$ koss, and several others. I guess they are learning that this is a feature that we want.

Fyi everyone else is right. On most common dvd players, you have to convert to dvd (if you are lucky, you can play mpegs but that is what dvd uses so it is not going to save you any space/allow more on a disk).