Dvd Ram?



Hi I have recently bought a LG DVDRW, which can also burn DVDRAM disks, the thing is I am a newbie to the burning world and I was just wondering what the pros and cons are of using DVDRAM disks. What are they mainly used for???

Please someone help!


DVD-RAM discs are used primarily for critical data as they are rather expensive. They can be made to function as a sort of hard drive but as HD space is so cheap and much faster, most people don’t use them for that. They last much longer than normal discs and they verify data as it is written.

Also, some Panasonic stand alone recorders only use RAM for re-writable and then they copy to a PC for editing and final burning to a regular disc.

Here is a good source. BTW, if a disc is 3X it will only do 3X even though the drive is 5X. Get the 5X if you want thet speed. These are very slow to write as they verify all data so 5X is worth the difference.



Could someone point to a something more scientific about this. I’ve been hearing this here and there, but nothing about why it is so.










Thank you. :slight_smile: