I am trying to write a long file into DVD-RAM and it refuses.
Locking up the drive and some files can’t be written.
It’s a double side and with small files it works fine.
I am staring to believe that +RW ain’t that bad in the end.
I can write perfecly to it.I am using INCD latest edition. :sad:

I have no clear answer but I have nothing but trouble with InCD. Have you tried Nero or some other program, with InCD turned off?

Yeah, I tried Nero and it gave me (X) :frowning: an error.

Maybe you give a trial to a DVD-RAM tool to prepare your disc and use it as a HDD, this meaning just drag files to it from explorer.
You can find here some posts about the subject and tools.
And also: LG drives are built to use 4.7 GB discs (1 side), just guessing if it can matter as youre using a 2 sides disc. Probably not, but…

I have made up the latest Matsushita DVD-RAM driver.
I had to modify the installer to make it work with non Matsushita drives.
So the installer stops with an error at the end but it works.

Have a look here http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=7592
Go down near bottom of first post and you’ll see a link to the driver.
This allowed me to properly format DVD-RAM and then copy files to them without the drive just turning off.

I hope this helps.

Everyimte I use DVD RAM driver it conflicts somehow with INCD.
I also noticed a tiny scratch on one side.Could this be a problem?

I wouldn’t have both drivers installed at the same time.

YES, a scratch is a serious problem. Use InCD to do a full format and verify, which will take an hour or so. That should let you know if the disc is bad.

Don’t remember exactly where, but I read in the forum that RAM discs can be formatted with FAT32 without any app. Maybe this can solve all problems.

:doh: that’s a damn good idea.

try un activate INCD and do FAT32 format as same as Hardisk Formating :slight_smile:

then use it

I always fortmat RAM with FAT32.I think the one disk side has problem!
Thanks you all.

“sverkalo” when you say long file due you mean a large file?
if so I remember reading somewhere for large files to use UDF2.0 format.
I personally have found problems with INCD so I only use the DVD-RAM driver software (Panasonic) now and have had no problems whatsoever since.
As for the scratch on the disk DVD-RAM software should verify the information is bad and move the information to a good part of the disc.

Here’s some info on the different RAM formats from the Panasonic manual!!

Format types

Universal Disk Format (UDF 1.5)
Select “Universal Disk Format (UDF 1.5)” when you are going to use the
DVD-RAM disc to write PC data.
This format allows the transfer of the data between different operation systems, such as between
Windows and Mac OS 1.
• This is the standard format type for DVD-RAM. Data can be transferred
between different operating systems, for example Windows and Mac OS 1.
• DVD-RAM formatted with UDF1.5 cannot be used with DVD Video recorders
that use the DVD Forum’s video recording standard or with the recording software
designed for personal computers that is based on the above standard.

Universal Disk Format (UDF 2.0)
Select “Universal Disk Format (UDF 2.0)” when you are going to use the
DVD-RAM disc to write audio-visual data.
Select this format only if the disc is to be played in a DVD Recorder that uses the DVD Forum’s video recording standard or with the recording software designed for personal computers that is
based on the above standard, or if an 8-cm DVD-RAM is to be used in a DVD video camera.
• This format is designed to be used with DVD Video recorders that use the
DVD Forum’s video recording standard and with the recording software
designed for personal computers that is based on the above standard.

• This is the additional format type on Windows 95 (OSR2 2) / Windows 98 /
Windows Me / Windows 2000 / Windows XP.
• FAT32 formatted discs cannot be used with Windows 95 (other than
OSR2 2) / Windows NT.

Hope that helps.

Thank you once more.I meant over 100-200MB programs.

I’m beginning to loose faith in DVD-RAM, I use one to keep files on.
I update the disk every few days, I usually add not replace files
Now I’m to the point where my Panasonic 4.7GB 3x Disk has 800MB free.
The drive will no longer burn anything more to the disk. (IO errors)
XP’s error checker won’t scan the disk.
The drive is reading the disk fine as I’m copying all the files back to try one more try with a format and then burn them back.

Since trying DVD-RAM I’ve had nothing but small niggles.
The drive just switches off or looses connection with the computer.
I couldn’t format with XP or INCD with the drive switching off while copying files afterwards.
DVDForm from panasonic allowed me to format it properly the only formatter that actually took 45min to do it.
But still lots of small niggles, I’m at the point where I may just have to use RW media as this works flawlessly as does any other media.

So one last chance for DVD-RAM as I wait for the files to copy of the disk (as I write this)
As it takes over an hour to copy 4GB back to the drive, I’ve wasted many hours on this.

I am running the same problem.Thinking of buying a 3540(48euros).But from the other I can only burn +RW, with which I have some times the same problems.
Look what I founs today.I try to replace a folder as you do, with new files, overwriting the old and the drive says that this DVD-ROM is only for reading.I have had the same problem again and again and with +RW.BUT I found out that the problem relies on one folder only, which I don’t why, the drive refused to overwrite.Every other folder was fine :frowning:

Yeah, I seem to have a working disk again, not without drama:

First complete format stopped about 85% and with Disk error.
I then washed the disk even though it looked clean. (warm water then dry with lint free cloth)
Stuck it in again (I had to restart system as the drive locked the system up)
Then reformatted again, this time no problems, then copied 3.8GB of data to it.
Beside it taking 2 hours it worked just fine.
It seems to working fne for now.

It seems DVD-RAM is very suceptable to dust, this would be OK but any problem with the drive and the system locks or the drive locks or both.
This is a very finnecky media to work with.
I’ll persevere some more as I have no RW media to spare.

The idea to remove DVD-RAM disks out of cartdriges was good to lower cost but bad since it exposes the recording sides to dirt and scratch directly. For rewritable media, DVD-RAM without cartdriges can’t be but vulnerable. For more important information, better use large-size (2GB - 8GB) flash memory cards.