DVD-RAM writing patch for DVR-110D?

I head it mentioned, but I can’t find a specific ‘here is the firmware/method’ to do this.

I’m looking for an upgrade to my Sony 710A DVD burner and I’d like something that will read/write DVD-RAM as well as DVDs and the DVR-110D looks like it’s a good price–and I can find one for sale. But, the D model doesn’t have the DVD-RAW writing ability, but there’s supposed to be a way to patch the firmware/drive and correct that. Is this so? Can someone point me to how it’s done?

Thank you!

Yes it is possible with the new DVRFlash 2.2 however it is still in extensive testing so we have to wait for the green light before we can all do it. Get yourself a 110D in the meantime knowing it can be done in due time. At the moment flashing to 1.22 with region free and bitsetting makes the drive quite nice right out of the anti-static bag.

If my other option is to say the heck with DVD-RAM and just get the best current burner, would it be a bad idea to get a 1640? Their ‘tune method for wierd media’ function and the improved disc scanning are attractive features. As best as I can tell, it’s equivalent to the 110D for DVD burn quality. It’s just those few reamining features that haunt me.

Thanks for your advice.

The BenQ is a very fine choice especially for its scanning capabilities which pioneer unfortunately never seem to get into their drives.

I habe 3 DVR-100D and one DVR-100, the oldes brun god, the other sucks. My oldes come with 1.08 Firmware, to other with 1.17, and the 110 without ‘D’ come with 1.22
The oldes burn at all speed (4-16) on Verbaitm DVD-R 16x printable very good (no Peaks with Nero DVD/CD Speed) The other burners make 3 or more traps at 4x burn speed, and dvd-Ram work only with Maxel DVD-Ram 3x and 5x. from 4 drives, 3 was not realy usable! I hope newer Firmware correct that trash drive! (made in CHINA)

Those models doesn’t exist anyway! 1.22 should be on all those drives.

And, DVD-RAW burning, for what should that be useful?

Actually, chef, that format is very popular among nudists. As everyone knows, they like to burn in the RAW.

sigh Sorry, chef, I seemed to mistype DVD-RAW where I meant DVD-RAM. Sorry.

If I’m going to replace my 710A–rather than suppliment it–it really looks like I had better go with the Benq 1640 instead of the DVR-110(D) and just give up my quest for a DVD-RAM drive.

Thank you, everyone, for your assistance in making this decision.


Ah, that RAW info made me kind of dizzy.

Ugh. My 110 here works fine. Even the Benq 1640 is a good drive, it has it’s own weak points…

I use on all my four DVR-110 (D) firmware 1.22, but one work fine, three have a bad burning quality. That’s fact: Pioneer china delivers not constant quality!

Such results can appear from other factors too.
ONE BIG factor is the PSU!

How are the drives connected?
Are they on extra controllers and on 80wire IDE cables?

Does this page published by YSS mean that he had success
with the use of DVRFlash v2.2
in crosfflashing a Pioneer DVR-110 D
into a DVR-110 able to burn DVD-RAM ?

It appears to be so.

Follow the link… http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=154864
AND http://tdb.rpc1.org/

Very cool. I didn’t know there was a plain 110 firmware made RPC-1. As soon as more try this out I will be doing the same.

There isn’t. :wink:
The RPC-1 is A10XL.

Getting off topic, but if I thing of DVD-RAM, I automatically think of LG’s super-multi’s, but how they fare in other areas, I don’t know.

Well A10XL is cool too. DVD-RAM, RPC-1 AND Quiet drive utility. If one someone could add the bitsetting code from the buffalo firmware into this. DROOL!

Anyone flash the A10XL firmware to their 110D and care to comment?

Looks like YSS has successfully converted one of his DVR-110Ds to a DVR-110!

Source: http://homepage2.nifty.com/yss/oppaisan/oppaisan.htm


I should probably remove the ‘.DS_Store’ (Mac OSX) files from those archives… :slight_smile:


I crossflashed my 110D to A10XL yesterday.
Flash went 100% OK and the drive is working very well.

The drive is now RPC-1.

Quite drive utility version 1.06 does not detect this drive, maybe a new version will be out for the A10XL.

I only have a 3x DVD-RAM, so I tested it.
It burned at 3x without a problem and max. reading speed was also 3x.

The DVD-RAM used:
Brand/Speed:Panasonic DVD-RAM (type2 single sided 4.7GB) / 2~3X
Media Code: Matsushita Electric Industrial CO.,LTD. M01J300

Personally I won’t be using DVD-RAM or RPC-1, but I’m very happy with the added value and functionality :slight_smile:

Many thanks to AS, TDB and all people that made this possible :clap: