DVD-RAM Writing only 1x?

I just flashed my 111D to 111L 8.29 successfully. The only things I don’t understand :

  • Infotools reports DVD-RAM writing only 1x selectable. Shouldn’t it upto 5x ?
  • I’m still using Nero 7.0. I heard only Premium version to support LabelFlash. Where exactly does the option show up ?
  • Buffalo fimrware is said to support DiscT@2 & LabelFlash. What is the difference between the 2 ?

No, it will tell you what it can do with the media you have put in the drive, unless you put 5X DVD-RAM media in the drive it isn’t going to offer you that speed.

Tools like DVDInfoPro could tell you what the Media ID is, and that could be used to figure out what type of media it is, and if it is supported in the Pioneer drive, and at what speed. http://www.dvdinfopro.com/

Brother Vlad

Also I have found that most DVD-RAM drive will do HW write verification whcih effectively cut the writing speed by half.

I am using Panasonic DVDRAM media which is capable of 3X speed. In reality I am only getting about 1.5X writing which is painful. I must admit I do like the way DVDRAM works in XP without any drivers and software. I just wish it is as fast as DVD+RW.

Thanks TDB. No wonder it is only 1x selectable, because I didn’t put any DVD-RAM disc yet.

LimLeong, that is not a good news. Anybody knows why it happens ?
Media incompatibility ? Firmware problem? Forced upgrade from 111D to 111L ?

Hardware Verification is one of the DVD-RAM key features which makes it a preferred backup solution. :wink:

As Chef pointed out, Hardware verification is a feature of DVD-RAM and it is unlikely you can turn it off. Never the less I have heard of some DVD-RAM drive where you can turn off write verification. Not the Pioneer though. At least I have not found a way too.

Because of the slow write speed, DVD-RAM is not great if you want to back up a huge amount of data in a hurry. However, it is brillant for backing up Office type documents when you can use it with something “Robocopy” an intelligent copy utility which can mirror directories and only copy what has been modified.

This assumes that you’re using your DVD-RAM formatted to FAT32. You should try UDF, though this needs special driver. UDF is said to be better for bigger files and FAT32 for smaller. In reality I found that copying to a udf formatted disc is much faster in most situations.

:iagree: Panasonic’s DVD-RAM driver is strongly recommended

UDF is said to be better for bigger files and FAT32 for smaller.
:disagree: FAT32 is for HDDs, not for optical discs (MS just didn’t want to pay license fees). Using FAT32, the media will not last as long as expected, and performance is poor.


I realise UDF is supposed to perform better than FAT32 on DVD-RAM. However, I have had some bad experience with Nero InCD in the past and I am simply not keen to add another driver to my system which could potentially cause instability. Hence I am sticking with XP FAT32 DVD-RAM support.

Has anyone had anything good to say with Nero InCD? I have not tried it for over 1 year.

I use the mentioned Panasonic DVD-RAM driver, and it didn’t cause any instability yet. I don’t think the use of this driver is analogous to using InCD with RW discs. DVD-RAM were specifically designed to work like a HD. It’s just that Windows doesn’t support the UDF file system yet, that’s why you need a special driver. At any rate, I’d stronlgly suggest that you try it with UDF, at least for a comparison test, and then you’ll see yourself that UDF has only advantages to it. And as mciahel said, FAT32 was not developed for optical discs, so why would that be the most stable and the optimum solution for DVD-RAM?


Could you post the URL for the Panasonic DVD-RAM driver? I wonder if this driver will work with the Pioneer 111 drive.