DVD RAM Writer which takes RAM Cartridges


Does anyone know of a current PC based DVD rewriter which will read and write DVD RAM disks, while they are still in their cartridges?

Have scanned the various DVD RAM related links on the forum and previous posts without success and would appreciate any suggestions.

Nope, there are NONE.

The Panasonic SW9574C is listed as accepting RAM Cartridges

There are some Panasonic DVD-RAM drives that accept cartridge DVD-RAM disks but they generally cost twice or more than the common types that do not accept cartridge disks.

They must be old drives too - speaking of 1st gen DVD-RAM drives.


They tend to be older but there are also some modern models.

Triode - many thanks the panasonic certainly fits the bill 16x DVD-R write speed, 5x DVD RAM write speed. Thanks to chef and kenshin also.

Just need to find one in the UK now!

If you are really desperate to use DVD-RAM cartridges you could always remove the discs, their is a guide on how to do it here >

I don´t know any current drive which suppports still DVD-RAMs in cartridges.

I have an old Toshiba SD-W2002 from October 2000 and it still works very well! :bow:

Take care

That is a really useful link - thanks quakester.

However I have 20 TDK double sided DVD RAM disks and they all seem to have cases which can’t be opened in the way shown on the link- the cases seem to be sealed (i.e. no signs of hinges etc) Typical, eh?

The model referred by Triod (SW9574C) was released during 2005, replacing SW9573C.
I don’t know where you’re based, but have a look here:
They got this model by October/November 2005
In the US, if you search the reference, you’l find also $ prices and internet vendors.
The problem in Europe is that Panasonic directly only sells OEM, minimum 500 units, and shop owners are not keen to stock even the discs.
I bought Panasonic 5x cartridge discs July last year in Frankfurt, but since then only can find 3x.
The Sw9574C is said to do both + and - at 16x, don’t know how good it can be at that speed as the 73 could only do 8x.

Its listed as £110+vat+delivery, which i think is far too expensive.

I think it would work out cheaper to just buy new dvd-ram disks (which can be removed from the cartridges, or buy dvd-ram disks that are out of the cartridge) and a new dvd writer that has dvd-ram capabilites (lg4166/lg4167 or nec4550/nec4551).

Yes, the price is quite high and new drives for faster RAM2 are about to be in the market, this was one of the reasons why I took the 4551 instead.
And I don’t know if DVD+/-R wise you get the best.
But the question was if there are drives supporting cartridge discs - and here the answer is yes.
Obviously, there are big advantages for critical work:

As you don’t touch the disc. so no grassy fingers spoiling it, no dust, longer life span and less possibility of errors due to mishandling.
That comes at a price as everything in life…and when you read 100 000 writing times it is under the ideal conditions, e.g., cartridge discs.

The new fast disc will also have drawbacks, and Panasonic will be in but it is not known if they will offer cartridge, because even for the 5x discs they have a model (guess is the 9585) that only accept bare discs, besides it came to market at the same time as the 9574C. A major drawback will be that the MAX writing times will decrease to 10 000 (so just 10% of the previous) and there are some doubts about the high rotation speeds effects.