DVD-RAM without verification

Here at the forum I often read burning DVD-RAM “without verification”. What is meant by that? Is that a term for pre-mastering DVD-RAMs instead of packet writing? I don’t think so, so is there a possibility to turn off the verifications process? How? I thought DVD-RAM verification is hardware based.

Until recently, the only way that I knew of writing to DVD-RAM with verification turned off was by using Nero CD-DVD Speed, however ImgBurn now has the option to also turn it off, and ImgBurn does have some basic ability to burn raw files in addition to image files at this point.

So this means that software, if written so, can simply turn off the verification process of the drive-hardware (in a brutal attack of the drives own business :cop: :bigsmile: ). And it also means that theoretically you could pre-master as well as packet write with or without hardware verification, since both kinds of software could theoretically have a ‘hardware verification off’ function. In other words: pre-mastering vs. packet writing and hardware verfication vs. no hardware verification have nothing to do with each other. Is everything said correct?