DVD-Ram without packet writing?

Is it possible to get some kind of DVD-Ram writing software that doesn’t install some kind of crazy packet writing software? I can live without direct drive letter access, but at least the ability to write, delete, rename files would be nice… Now I believe you all say that packet writing is evil, it gives me a bunch of stability problems but I don’t know how else to read/write to DVD-Ram UDF2.0 formatted discs :sad:

So much for being like an HD :a

dvd ram is regarded as removeable hard disc media by most os’s. xp supports it native as a removeable drive…not packet writing …98se requires special drivers.

I confirm what ZigZagMan said. You can use RAM discs with windows XP without any driver installed. It only require some time the first time to format the disc in FAT32 (for me required about 30 min to complete the formatting).

Unforuately I’m using them to write a bunch of large files so it’s slower with Fat32 formatted discs vs UDF… but for ease of use I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and go with it :stuck_out_tongue:

For my needs FAT32 is good.

Anyway I like very much the reliability of RAM media that is better than rewritable DVDs

Not trying to hijack this thread - but I’m completely new to DVD writers and cannot for the life of me figure out how to use the dvd-ram facility on a Pioneer 110.
Tried looking on the net - but haven’t found a suitable guide. I use Windows ME and it wouldn’t recognise the disc - just want to use as a removable hard disk.

This is all new to me - had Nero 5.5 but have now removed this and use IMGBurn or CDBurnerPro and have managed to write a few data DVD’s - but think I need to swot up on the beginners guides…

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If I’m not wrong, only windows XP have native support for RAM media. With win ME you need to install an external driver.

Geno is correct…win 98…winMe, need a driver for that drive to properly utilize dvd-ram…look at my taglines…I have one of the oldes dvd-rams pc-wise in circulation…lolol

If you require UDF format and version 2.0 is ok for you, the RANdriver from Panasonic and some derivatives of it, like the one from BHA’s can do the same (don’t know but thing also 2.01).
For FAT you don’t need packet writing software, and guess you may able to the same for UDF 1.5 and 2.0 at least.

As FAT32 and RAMdriver usually checks copy integrity you may tend to consider that it is too slow - but this can be one of the format’s advantages.

If this check is not that important and you you find RAMdrivers too slow for you (besides they can keep writing behind the scenes and don’t “require” the machine for themselves only…), “crazy” packet writing software is yours by option+

If I’m not wrong, the checking pass during writing is an hardware thing, not a software one. All RAM media are checked during writing, so all RAM media writings will be always slower.

If I’m not wrong, only windows XP have native support for RAM media. With win ME you need to install an external driver.

Thanks for the replies - are there any free RAM drivers for Windows ME about - or is it better to upgrade to Nero 6. BTW - how can I get a trial version of Nero ? - do I need to register on the site to gain accesss to the trial areas ?

Nero have nothing to do with RAM drivers. You can find more infos here


You can download a trial version of nero in nero webpage, here

Your drive’s manufacturer’s website should have a free ram driver compatible with your drive for free winme/98/98se. There may well be 3rd party freebies
out there as well to. :slight_smile:

O.k, let see here…
I have a new Mad Dog MD-16X3DVD9-8XE (triple format external - rebadged NEC 4550a) currently hooked via Firewire. I won’t get into speed issues I’m having with the interface(s), but XP-SP2 will use DVD-RAM disks natively using FAT32. Blanks came formatted UDF and XP didn’t know what to do with them. By erasing the disk using additional software then XP saw that they were blank DVD-RAM and offered to format FAT32. Ran quick format and all is good except that writing data is quite slow. Reading is quite fast. Using GEAR to write as ISO was quite fast also. So it appears that while FAT32 works native it may not be desireable for speed. I’m guessing that all the head movement required to update the directory when adding files is likely what slows it down. Or perhaps because I did only Quick Format and the drive needs to format as it goes along when adding files? Regardless, from what I’ve read using the UDF format should improve the speed somewhat. To get XP to read and write UDF requires “crazy software” like InCD or drivers such as those listed in this thread, yes?

A possible improvement in speed depends on file size, sometimes the advantages goes to FAT sometimes to UDF, with this one requiring packet writing under normal circumstances…if you use something like the Panasonic RAM driver, you can format FAT, and UDF 1.5 and 2.0…and no need for InCD.
The advantage of UDF 2.0 is for video files, as its the format top sets can read.
I got discs pre-formated as UDF 2.0 and XP SP1 had no problem to format them as FAT32, only detail is to choose the right sector size+
Speed of writing depends on disc 3x or 5x and checking of integrity, but on the other hand it doesn’t get your machine for itself as a normal DVD writer does+