DVD-RAM with PX-L890SA not working on Linux


I recently bought a new Plextor DVD drive (PX-L890SA) because my old one (Philips DVDR 1640) broke down. Unfortunately, I have some problems writing DVD-RAM media on Linux. For small files, it works fine, however, when trying to write large files to the disc (>~10MiB), the copy process freezes, i.e. the drives spins down and the copying process hangs forever. As I found several other postings with people complaining about their Plextor not working properly when writing DVD-RAM on Linux, I suppose it is a Plextor issue. Thus, I’d like to try to cross-flash the Plextor to a LiteOn firmware. Does anyone know

  1. A compatible Lite-On firmware? I found no LiteOn drive writing CD-RWs with 24x speed, so is it really a LiteOn?
  2. An easy How-To giving me instructions to flash a plain LiteOn firmware and then revert back to the Plextor one after testing?

Thanks in advance for your help,

You can crossflash Plextor PX-L890SA to Liteon x24 B. Unfortunately a suitable flasher is not available.