DVD-RAM Windows-98

On my Windows-98 machine the two newest drives at Newegg (LG-gsa-H42N and Pioneer-DVR-112D) read/saw all disks but dual layer. The solution was to remove the LG Ram driver from my existing LG-4040B drive. After Ram-driver removal duals were detected by Decrypter. The ram disk IS a virtual drive and it screws w/ your system by taking a drive letter preceding your physical drive’s letter. Downside is I must reinstall RAM when I need to access my backup system files on the RAM disk. Small-Price\Quick-fix:)

You must have somewhere a definition saying that to your system (maybe in your backup utilities definitions), as I think a DVD-RAM disk has noting more in common with a RAM drive than the “word RAM”.

Old OS, old drivers, solution found.
Look here to get your copy of Panasonic’s hacked DVD_RAM driver v5.0.2.1. With these drivers installed Dvd-decrypter recognized +R dual layer disks, I guess LG’s Win98 Ram drivers were too old. My DVR-112d is now functional using 112L.806 firmware from the Dangerous Bros.