DVD-RAM - umm......... how?

I’ve just bought an OEM LG GSA 4163B drive, my first DVD burner. The hardware is fine and burns CDs via Nero 6 wonderfully. However, I’m absolutely stumped about how to use the DVD-RAM disc I’ve also just bought. Obviously it’s a no-no using XP itself but Nero says it’s UDF and not ISO and asks for a reformat.

I checked these forums and found a thread containing:
but this update said it couldn’t find the updater installed and aborted the iunstalation.

Would someone mind telling me what I’m getting wrong and how I can use DVD-RAM / where to get drivers if they’re necessary?

Thanks in advance - help much appreciated.


Why do you think it’s a no-no with XP? XP will format it to fat32 if you want.

If you do a search in the LG forum you’ll get links to a driver pack that will allow it to be formated to UDF, better than Nero doing it.

BTW it will be UDF with Nero etc , only XP formats to fat32.

Actually here’s a link for the Panasonic DVD-RAM driver which works fine. http://www.geocities.com/xkodi/dvdram/

Or you can use InCD (however bad that sounds) i had used it before. My RAM disc got locked to read only cos it screwed up, but else it was good.

Thanks for the replies. Will try both the driver and InCD if necessary. Actually I don’t have much of a clue how DVD-RAM works and so have probably made all kinds of wrong assumptions.