DVD-RAM type 4 double layer?

I have Benq 1 year old DQ 60 and Matsushida UJ-841S burners. Can these burners write double layer type 4 DVD-RAM? I am pretty sure they can burn single layer DVD-RAMs. If any of them cannot, please recommend any affordable buner that can write type 4 DVD-RAMs. Thanks in advance.

Have you gone to the manufacter site and looked at your model on their site to see what its capabilities are? Also be sure to make the firmware is updated. Well I have a liteon 20A1H LL0A model that will do dvd-ram but are you looking for one that take the dvd-ram plater or the dvd-ram disc? But first would be to check each drive manufacture web site to see what your exact model are. Most dvd-ram are in the range of $40 US or higher depending on what exact model and manufacture of the product. Also be sure you choose reliable media to store to as well. But I can be sure there will be plenty of people who will give you recommendations on their brand and experiences.

There is no such thing as “double layer DVD-RAM”!
There is no such media and of course no drive for it.

Double sided DVD-RAM exists since many years…

[B]TYPE 4 is double SIDED DVD-RAM.[/B]

Adding to chef’s info, you can think of type 4 discs as 2 “normal” ones - one each side of the disc, so you can use them in your drives - A or B side at a time.